2018/07/12Trials Attribute Trials Fever

Event Details

Attribute Trial Fever is available under “Logres” tab’s time-limited Events quests.

15-minuteFire“, “Water“, “Wind“, “Earth“, “Light“, “Dark” Fever Trials will be available daily. This single-stamp battle against 5 smaller and relatively weaker Incarnates is a great way of collecting Particles with great haste.


Clearing an Attribute Trial Fever for the first time rewards you with a single Crystal but since the Incarnates could easily be slayed, farming Particles and Incarnate Treasure boxes would be a breeze if you keep on repeating the Trial Fever Quest.

Event Period

7/12/2018 (THU) after maintenance ~ 7/18/2018 (WED) 14:15 (PST)

Available Time

2:00 ~ 2:15 / 6:00 ~ 6:15 / 10:00 ~ 10:15 / 14:00 ~ 14:15 (PST)

Daily Schedule (PST)

Schedule Attribute
Monday Earth
Tuesday Water
Wednesday Fire
Friday Wind
Saturday Dark
Sunday Light

※Note that the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may change without prior notice.