2018/07/12Campaign Summer LogFes 2018 Campaign

Summer LogFes 2018 Campaign!

To celebrate Summer Logres Festival 2018, we will be launching the following bonuses:

Increase in probability of Skill Level UP  when using same the Weapon, Armor, and Accessories in fusion! Get stronger by increasing your equipment Skill Level!
Lv. 2 ⇒ Lv. 3 Chance x2!
Lv. 3 ⇒ Lv. 4 Chance x4!!
Lv. 4 ⇒ Lv. 5 Chance x5!!!

Use “R/SR/UR” equipment material in Upgrade (Fusion) and get x1.5 more EXP!

Possessing more than 35 Crystals will raise acquired EXP and the chances of encountering Rare Monsters.