2018/07/12Poro Lotto [Poro Box Lotto] Summer LogFes (feat. Dark Osiris Nightmare Weapons)

Lotto Details

Summer LogFes Poro Box Lotto is available at the Lotto Shop’s Premium Lotto tab.

Summer LogFes Poro Box Lotto

This is a great chance to get powerful and flashy weapons without spending a single Crystal! Go and draw your own Dark Osiris of Nightmare weapon now and put your millions of Poro to use. Login daily to get 2M Poro a day or farm LogFes Summer 2018 Event and defeat Lucie Metal Dark Nation band in a rock-off to collect event-exclusive items and more Poro!

See Dark Osiris of Nightmare weapon in action below.

Lotto Period

7/11/2018 (THU) after maintenance ~ 8/1/2018 (WED) 20:59 (PST)

※Note that the the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may be changed without prior notice.