2018/05/24Guide Beginners Guide


We have created a guide on how you would be able to progress in the game with ease and be able to join the fun with all the other players in no time!

Game Play

The basic functions of the game is learned as you move along the game tutorial.


Finish Chapter 1: Crystal and Mandra of the Logres Scenario Quest in order for you to be able to unlock all the Tier 1 Job Classes

As you progress into the game, it is highly recommended that you select and use a primary Job Class to play.
Higher Job Class tiers would require you to reach a certain level from lower Job Class tier in order for you to be able to obtain them.


How do I get stronger?

You would need to draw weapons from the Lotto using Crystals. Crystals can be obtained as quest rewards or you could purchase them in the cash shop.



How about armors?

It would be recommended that you do participate in the Elemental Divine Beast Quests. You can acquire Elemental Armors and Accessories from these quests. You can also check out the daily Elemental Trials for evolve materials.




Here are a few tips on how to increase your Total Power:

Upgrade your weapons, armor and accessories.
Unlock as many support slots as you can.
Upgrade your weapons to SSR or UR.
Upgrade the skill level of your gear.




Where to take your character for faster leveling?

The Rushmere Map grants 10xgreater experience making it the best place to do quests and level you character.

Bonus Tip: The best spot to power level your character is in the Rushmere Scenario Quest Chapter 1: Pushing Edges and you would find a lot of players gathering in this area to level their characters. You can even acquire lots of upgrade materials here!