2018/05/241st Anniversary Gift Serial Codes!

1st Anniversary Gift Details

Complete the 1st Anniversary Kimono Avatar Set through a series of Serial Codes!

Serial Code #1

Get the 1st Anniversary Kimono -Head- through the 1st Serial Code.


Serial Code #2 and 3

Get 1st Anniversary Kimono -Shoes- and 1st Anniversary Kimono -Gloves- though the 2nd and 3rd Serial Codes.
To get the serial code #2 and #3 please go to our official Facebook page and join the event happening now!

How to Redeem 1st Anniversary Gift

1.) Go the right-side of the Castle Town and look for Password Mandra!


2.) Talk to the Password Mandra and choose the Item you wish to redeem!


3.) Input the Serial Code for the chosen item!


4.) If the Serial Code is correct, your love will be received and the item will be delivered to your Gift Box!


Event Duration

In-game redemption for the serial codes will be available until 5/30/2018 maintenance.

※Users will only receive the rewards once.
※Serial Codes are Case Sensitive.
※Note that the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may change without prior notice.