2018/05/24Update Update(5/24) Huge Content Update

Update Details

Exciting adventures await as new contents are released!

Tier 4 Job: Desperado

Brad the Desperado is here to slay! This new T4 Job would be the first to use the Burst Mode where using Regular Skills and Special Skills would charge-up the Burst Gauge for total annihilation! A Desperado can utilize the Long Sword, Polearm, War AxeDual Axe and the new Overlord Sword!

Tier 4 Weapon: Overlord Sword

The legendary weapon Durendal is now available in-line with the release of the Desperado job! The Special Skill Carnage Drive Calamity increases own Weapon Skill Effect by +5 with Max DMG Limit of 499.99M! However, when Burst Mode is activated an increased Max DMG Limit of 999.99M may be reached!

Rushmere Chapter 6.5: Ruin Hinterlands

Complete new quests and fight against monsters that can be found at the Ruin Hinterlands! Orthrinde has sent down her winged army to secure the Durendal Overlord Sword, challenge the divinities and battle the Four Pillars of Light, Holy Angel Eifa and the tower of power Heavenfort!

Collect an additional variety of very potent Medals such as Master of the Onslaught, Master of the Ironclad and Heaven Fortress.