2018/05/24Job 【Update】New T4 Class Job: Desperado!

Job Details

The new T4 Class Job Desperado is now available to be unlocked under “Rushmere” tab’s Special Quest.

The latest to be released of the Tier 4 Class will be able to utilize the Long Sword, Polearm, War Axe, Dual Axe and the new Overlord Sword!


A Desperado has a Job Ability called Corporeal that increases their PATK and PDEF making them endure the most gruelling battles. Another one is called Combatant – PATK +200 and Luck –  Critical +15 for all jobs which will be a good boost to Physical-based Attackers. Other Abilities of note are as follows:
AoE Extenuation – Reduces AoE (Area of Effect) Skill Damage to self
Addendum – Skill Effect +1 to all Single Target Special Skills
Burst Gauge – Activates Burst Mode: Own PATK +49999, Hit +9999  and Critical +9999

Heavenfort Destruction Strategy

After finishing Desperado’s Reincarnation, Hunters are advised to complete Heavenfort Destruction Strategy, a challenging set of quests to acquire Crystals, Heavenfort Medals and Desperado Lonewolf Accessories.

Event Period

Heavenfort Destruction Strategy
5/24/2018 (THU) after maintenance ~ 6/6/2018 (WED) 20:59 (PST)

※Note that the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may change without prior notice.