2018/05/18Event All Stars 1st Anniversary Event

Event Details

All Stars 1st Anniversary Event! is available under “Logres” tab’s Special quests.
Riza and company are throwing a big party in celebration of Logres’ 1st Anniversary and she wants to see how much have all the Hunters have developed into well-rounded adventurers. A friendly battle with the Commanders, the Cavalry and eventually the Goddesses will take part in the action to gauge everyone’s abilities!


Hunters will be able to get a total of 10,000 EVP to be able to trade for 1 Luminous or 1 Umbral weapon. From there you may get CrystalsDark and Light Particles/QuartzOsiris, Rushmere and Frostbloom Augites/Gems to be able to rank up your chosen weapon.

There is also going to be a quick and easy Daily Quest where you battle a Commander, Cavalry or Goddess. Log-in Daily for each individual Quest would only be available for 24 hours!

All Stars Daily
Day Target Clear Rewards
1 Helena (Bishop) x1 Crystal
2 Emilio (Rook) x1 Crystal
3 Luca (Warlock) x1 Crystal
4 Fine (Paladin) x1 Crystal
5 Zach (Mercenary) x1 Crystal
6 Rave (Necromancer) x1 Crystal
7 Riza (Crusader) x1 Crystal
8 Gadou (Warrior) x1 Crystal
9 Origa (Breaker) x1 Crystal
10 Masakane (Samurai) x1 Crystal
11 Sylph (Wind Goddess) x5 Crystals
12 Ifrit (Fire Goddess) x5 Crystals
13 Siren (Water Goddess) x5 Crystals
14 Titan (Earth Goddess) x5 Crystals

Event Period

5/17/2018 (THU) after maintenance ~ 5/30/2018 (WED) 20:59 PST

※Note that the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may change without prior notice.