2018/05/18Free Weapons 1st Anniversary Athena Limited Edition Weapon Giveaway

Event Details

Athena Limited Edition Logres 1st Anniversary Giveaway event is available in “Logres” tab’s Special quests.

Trade your EVP for 1 reward of your choice from the Athena Limited Edition series that include Demon Blade Bananas, Holy Sword Palette, Scepter Whack-A-Mush, War Axe Scrubber and War Blade Maguro. Not all rewards can be claimed, so choose the item you really want! Thank you for your unwavering support and love for Logres JRPG, we are looking forward to a bigger, brighter and more action-packed year with all of our Hunters!

Event Duration

5/17/2018 (THU) after maintenance ~ 5/30/2018 (WED) 20:59 PST

※Note that the Maintenance Schedule, Event Period, and Contents may change without prior notice.