Q: What is Logres?

Logres: Japanese RPG is an epic online multiplayer game featuring anime-style graphics. A turn-based RPG that’s simple to use and very easy to play, the game’s infinite equipment combinations, character customization, and multiple jobs let you create an avatar and playstyle that’s unique to you. Its real-time coop quests and auto party system lets you fight with friends in legendary encounters.

Q: Where can I find the terms of service?

You can view them in-game. Tap on Menu, then the Others icon at the bottom of the screen. Select the Help tab, then tap Back. This will send you to the Help>Other page, where you can select and view the Terms of Service.

Q: Where can I download the game?

The Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Q: Do I need to register to play the game?

No, you do not need to register to play Logres. However you will not be able to migrate you game data in case of loss or change in mobile devices. Registering your game allows you to log in to a different device and use your game data on that device.

Q: What is a Migration Code?

The Migration Code is used to restore your character data. It is useful for switching to another device, application uninstallation, and device malfunction or loss.
To confirm your Migration Code:
> Tap Menu button
> Tap Other button
> Tap Migration Code button

It is recommended to send your Migration Code to an email address that can be checked via PC or another device, in the event that you become unable to check your Migration Code due to loss or damage of you device.

If you Tap on [Change Code] button, a new password will be generated, and the old one can no longer be used.

Q: Is the game for free?

Both game download and play are free.
Some in-game items, however, are purchased wih virtual cash.
Electrical consumption and internet connectivity costs will be borne by the user.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play the game?

Logres: Japanese RPG is compatible with the following devices:
Android models (vesions 4.0 and above)
*Please note that there may be instances where the game may not be stable even if the above minimum requirements are met due to other underlying factors.

Q: Will i be able to change my character’s gender mid-game?

Currently, its not possible to change your character’s gender mid-game. Please make sure you are happy with you character’s selected gender from the very start.

Q: How do I save my game (game data)?

Player game data is automatically saved in our game servers. Players do not need to save their games manually.

Q: Will I lose my game data when I delete the app?

When you delete the app the game data is not deleted. You can reinstall the app and resume your game. However, there are cases when game data is lost due to loss or change in mobile phones, so we recommend registering your game either via Facebook or Google+.

Q: Why won’t the game start/ca’n’t I play the game?

Kindly check the following:
1. If the error message “Cannot Connect” is shown:
– Depending on your location, there are times wh your device cannot connect to
our game servers
– When playing, please use a stable wifi connection as much as possible, or stay
in a place with excellent 3G/4G/LTE connection.
2. If the game is slow, or stops altogether:
– If your device is running a lot of different apps at the same time, it may cause
the game to slow down or stop altogether (depending on the speed and size of your
device’s processor).
– When this happens, please exit the app restart it from your home screen. If the
problem persist, Please try restarting your device (turning it off and on).
– If the above instructions did not help and the problem persists kindly send us a Customer Support
inquiry [see Customer comments, bug reports, and inquiries].

Q: Will I be able to retrieve my game data on another device in case I lose or change my mobile device?

You will be able to retrieve your game data on a new mobile device if you’ve registered your game.
Please see the detailed instructions listed in our help page. Account Registration and Transfer/Retrieval Instructions.
If you have any inquiries, please send an email directly to the address shown below.
Customer Support will attend to you shortly.
*There are times when we may require you to wait longer than usual to resolve your issue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q: Do you have game maintenance?

During game updates or when game errors occur, we will conduct maintenance.

Players will be informed in advance of any scheduled maintenance via News or Announcements, unless it is an unscheduled emergency maintenance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q: Customer comments, bug reports, and inquiries

Tap Menu > Others > Help > Back.
Select Contact Us tab.

Players can send in Customer comments, bug reports and inquiries through our customer support email []. Please allow our email address from the domain [] to send you a reply.

Please include the following information in your email:

> Hunter ID
> World
> OS Name and Version of Current Device
> Device Model Name
> Inquiry

Please give us ample time to respond to your email. The support team may request additional details such as character details and error details. When filling in the required information, please do not change the format. Thank you.

Q: I have not received a reply to my Customer Support inquiry. What should I do?

Please give us some time to respond to your inquiry.

We need to verify the details in your inquiry before we can respond.

* There maybe also be times such as Year-end or New Year holidays when we cannot reply immediately.

There are also instances when you are unable to receive responses from customer support.

Your domain settings allow you to receive emails from []
Your email inbox allows you to receive emails from []

Q: What are Crystals?

“Crystals” are mysterious stones that you get as Quest Rewards. You can also buy these from Shop.
Crystals can be used for the following:
> Crystal Lotto
> EP Recovery (available in Shop .)
> Slot Expansion (available in Shop.)
> Change Character’s Looks (available in some special Quests)
> Quest Bonus ( available at the start of Quests )

In addition, just by having Crystals, Crystal Bonus is granted.

Q: Where can I buy Crystals?

You can purchase Crystals at the Lotto Shop.
Tap Menu, then select Lotto Shop icon at the bottom of the screen.
Tap Buy Crystal tab seen at the upper right.

Q: Do Crystals have an expiration date? Will I receive a refund for Crystals purchased but not used?

Purchased Crystals do not have an expiration date. We will not be able to issue a refund for Crystals purchased. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q: I did not receive the Crystals I purchased! what should i do?

Sometimes, game data does not sync with your device immediately. When this happens, please do the following:

1> Restart Logres App.
2> Check your Google Wallet purchase logs to see if the transaction was successful.
3> If after doing both steps #1 and #2 your purchased CP still hasn’t shown up in your
game, please send us a Customer Support inquiry [see Customer comments, bug reports, and

Q: What is Poro?

“Poro” is Logres’ in-game currency. You receive Poro as a Quest Reward after defeating enemies in battle.
Poro can be used for the following:

> Fusion
> Lotto

Q: What is Lotto?

You can acquire various equipment items when you draw from “Lotto”. Depending on the type of Lotto you want to try out, Crystal or Poro will be required.
> Tap Menu button
> Tap Lotto Shop icon and select the type of Lotto you want to try out (Premium, Crystal, or Poro)

Q: What are Jobs?

“Jobs” are job roles your avatar can take in Logres. Weapons that can be equipped depends on the job you choose, and there’s a huge difference in the Attack Style, Specialty, Weak Point for each.

‘Fighter’, ‘Knight’, ‘Priest’, ‘Magician’ and ‘Ranger’ are the 5 Basic Jobs initially available in Logres.
You can unlock even more powerful job classes after clearing specific quests and requirements.

How to change jobs:
> Tap Menu
> Tap Equipment Upgrade icon
> Select Job tab
> Tap Change button
> Select new Job from list of available Jobs